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I used your service for 4 months. Best thing I ever did. Will use again...
–Bobby B.

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Karl Champley
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Deliveries scheduled at YOUR convenience…
We guarantee delivery time windows to accommodate your schedule, not ours

We value your time as much as you do…
We will remind you when we are coming. We will call when we are on our way

Best-in-the-industry handling system…
Gently lifts and lowers your stuff without tilting, swaying or sliding. PLUS, we won’t mar your driveway or damage your landscaping

All-steel, weatherproof containers…
Nothing to attract or retain moisture or odors

Climate-controlled warehouses with video surveillance…
We control temperature and humidity

Full range of service options…
Do-it-yourself or full-service loads and unloads

Service after the sale…
We will follow-up when your service has been completed to make sure we have exceeded your expectations

Our Commitment to you…
We will value your stuff as if it were our own

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