January 11, 2012

Apartment Moving Out Check List

You have a lot of little responsibilities when you move out of an apartment.  It will be much easier to tackle them all with a good moving out check list.  With a move on the horizon, it seems that there is no way you will forget to take care of everything.  But as moving day draws closer and you are caught up on the whirlwind of details, your moving out check list will save the day and keep you organized. 

Apartment Moving Out Check List:
1.  Inform landlord of moving out date.
2.  Review lease to make sure you know what your responsibilities as a tenant are.
3.  Do a walk through of your apartment to see what repairs need to be made.  Add those tasks to your moving out check list.
4.  Schedule carpet cleaning, chimney sweeping and any other maintenance (such as painting) for which you are responsible.  Add those dates to your moving out check list so you do not over-schedule or forget.
5.  Clean as you pack and schedule cleaning service if you do not plan to do it yourself.
6.  Fill out change of address form with post office and contact banks, credit card companies, medical providers other important institutions to notify them of your change of address.
7.  Call insurance companies to make changes to renters insurance policy and automobile policies, update address and confirm what is covered when you move.
8.  Call utility companies to schedule service termination or transfer dates.
9.  Reserve freight elevators and obtain parking permission for moving day. 
10.  Schedule final walk through with landlord.  Make sure he or she has your contact information so you can receive security deposits and other fees you are due.