March 24, 2011

Spring Fling: Tips for Outdoor Living


MARCH 24, 2011



  • Unpack & Enjoy the Outdoors

    • Removing furniture from storage

    • Caring for outdoor furniture

    • Caring for garden tools

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      Unpack and Enjoy the Outdoors!

      It's time to break out the flip flops and sunscreen!

      Well, maybe not quite yet. Your friends at  
      1-800-PACK-RATare just getting excited because temperatures in the Southeast near Headquarters are starting to warm up.

      According to the calendar, spring arrived on March 20, but we know it's still cold in many parts of the country. 

      Still, this is a great time to get ready for the sunny days that lie ahead. Check out our tips for unpacking the outdoor furniture and tools you stored over the winter, so you'll be ready when the sun pops out where you live. 


      • If your outdoor furniture is made of wood, use a mild cleaner, like an oil soap, to wipe off any dust that accumulated while it was in your PACK-RAT storage unit. Since outdoor furniture can be made from many different kinds of wood, including pine, cedar, redwood, and teak, check with the manufacturer, or read the labels on cleaning products, before applying them. 

      • After cleaning, let your furniture dry thoroughly. Then you can protect it with a varnish, which lets the attractive grain of wood show through; paint; or a waterproof sealant.

      • If you're taking wrought iron furniture out of your PACK-RAT storage container, wash it with a hose or wipe it with damp cloths. Again, let it dry completely before you sand off any rusty spots and repaint with rustproof paint. 

      • Need replacement parts for an outdoor glider or swing? This is a good time to order what you need to make repairs.    

      • Poly-resin outdoor furniture is really easy to unpack and clean. Hose it off or wipe it down and it's good to go. Because it's made of nonporous plastic, the color lasts a long time.      

      • If you need new cushions for your outdoor chairs or benches, shop for replacements or re-cover them with special sun-resistant fabrics.   

      Garden Tools

      • Planning a garden this year? After you unpack your tools, have your lawn mower serviced and the blade sharpened. 

      • Clean hand tools with a mild solution of soap and water, and let them dry completely. Then sharpen the blades on your hand tools as needed.

      When you've finished, be sure to sit down in your favorite outdoor chair and relax. Take a break. You've earned it!  1-800-PACK-RAT is here to help with all of your moving and storing needs, not just in the spring, but year-round. Give us a call today or join us online.


      WTG PackRat! Got a quote from PODS, and Pack Rat BEAT (not just MATCHED) the price! PLUS--they offer $25K in damage coverage, not just $10K, and gave me a free moving kit of boxes, bubble wrap, moving blankets.... My internet search paid off. THANKS CIRO! ~ Ron V. via Facebook

      Your company, people, employees, workers, team members, however they are referred, was perfect. Thanks again and as much as I never want to move again it's nice to know my family and I can count on PACKRAT to  be there. ~ Andrew L. via Email

      I Love Pack Rat they are amazing! ~ Carla J. via Facebook

      Join us!

      Whether you join us on Facebook, Twitter, newsletter or email, 1-800-PACK-RAT community membership is fun AND valuable. You can nab discounts, specials, participate in trivia (March Madness trivia is going on now) and more! Take a moment and be a part of our online community, over 36K strong and growing. We hope to see you there.

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      March 17, 2011

      Think Inside the Box: Great Tips for Packing

        MARCH 17, 2011

      • Think Inside the Box
        • Packing your valuables
        • Choosing the right materials
        • Preventing damage
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          Think Inside the Box: Great Packing Tips

          Managers urge their employees to think outside the box when they need fresh, new ideas.

          But when it's time to move, forget the outside of the box. Whether you're moving across the country or across the street, what really matters is what is inside the box!

           1-800-PACK-RAT knows the best way to pack your valuable belongings, and we've got the packing materials you need. For a safe, successful move, follow our packing tips, shown below. 

          Protecting Your Valuables and Fragile Items

          • Pack breakables and non-breakables separately. That collection of porcelain birds will travel better if it's not boxed with hardcover books.

          • Use clean newsprint to wrap your items. The ink from used newspapers can damage belongings if it rubs off on them.  

          • Fill each box completely, and pack the contents tightly, so things don't shift in transit.

          • Stuff plenty of paper at the bottom and top of each box. These layers will provide a cushion if you're stacking things.

          • Ask 1-800-PACK-RAT about our special boxes for dishes, fine china, and glassware. Our cardboard dividers can help protect your grandmother's fragile tea cups or your grandfather's antique beer steins. 

          • Wrap mirrors and pictures in thick layers of clean paper. Then secure them in a flat carton and stand them on edge. 

          • Mark "fragile" on boxes containing delicate items. You may also want to write "top" and "bottom" on some containers. Always indicate where the box should go when it's unpacked—for example, "kitchen" or "bath."

          Pack Smartly and Efficiently

          • Use wardrobe cartons so you can keep your clothing on hangers during the move. This reduces the need for ironing and pressing later. 

          • Wrap lampshades in layers of paper and nest the shades together, to save space. Ask us about sturdy boxes for lamp bases, garden tools, and other heavy items.

          • Did you save the box and foam packing materials that your computer came in? Whenever possible, use original shipping cartons to re-pack electronics. Note: some computers need special handling to protect their sensitive internal components. Check with the manufacturer if you have questions.

          • Use professional packing tape.  Masking tape isn't strong enough to do the job. We have the supplies you need, including Bubble Wrap, packing blankets, and much more.
          1-800-PACK-RAT is here to help if and when severe weather strikes. In the meantime, stay safe and vigilant!


          Our Facebook community is well over 33K PACK-RATs strong and we have a lot of fun! From trivia to family photos and great tips on moving & storing.  It's a place to visit, chat and get valuable 1-800-PACK-RAT info, too! Won't you join us? The Facebook community also received a super-secret St. Patrick's day code to receive 10% off of their storage costs. Here are a few snippets from the group:

          Our Pack Rat unit #2 has just arrived when i took this picture ~ Joie via Facebook


          I'm sure you guys are AWESOME movers.........I have seen a lot of positive stuff about you guys :) ~ Emily, via Facebook

          Our swell Twitter stream (@1800PACKRAT) gives you tips you can use today and up-to-the-minute info:

          @JKWgrowth @JillDillenburg & @RalphPlumb Welcome to the Pack Rat community. We look forward to getting to know you better.

          If you are facing a #move, drafting a moving house house check list will help keep you organized #selfstorage

          @StorageLocator Keep us posted on how things go. Have a nice weekend.


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          March 8, 2011

          All Aboard the Money Train!

          March 2011

          • Preparing for our busy season
          • Success Stories
          • Emphasis: On-site Storage
          • Contact Terrie for more info

          Thank you for reading our 1-800-PACK-RAT Affiliate Success Newsletter. Make it your own! We want to hear from you! Send contributions via email to: Send your success stories – including photos Ask questions Offer suggestions All feedback is Welcome!

          Get on the trolley

          Here at 1-800-PACK-RAT, we are gearing up for the busy season as more people start moving in the spring. We want to make sure that you don't miss out on the opportunity - make the most out of your affiliate portal access by:

          - putting up a link or widget

          - Get logged in and see how easy it is to order

          - Up the ante by

          Success Stories.

          The 1800-Pack Rat affiliation enabled us to handle a large scale project recently. Two 16ft containers were delivered right on schedule and I was very impressed with the level of communication. It was extremely easy to use the portal to quote & schedule the containers. We are very exited about this partnership!"...Steven DeSteffano, Owner Mooney's Moving & Storage Glenside, PA

          Emphasis: On-Site Storage

          When you reach out to general contractors such as, electrical contractors, home improvement companies, home builders and others to solicit business; remember to offer our services to meet the needs of their company.

          A few speaking points worth noting:

          - We are convenient - We deliver to your client's home or business site – and when the job is complete, we can move it back to their storage yard for unloading > or to the next project

          - PACK-RAT portable storage units are secure, all-steel and weather-proof
          - On-site storage for expensive tools as well as materials & supplies (that could be damaged by exposure to weather).

          - Your client holds the only key.

          - Loss Prevention > the locked units keep tools & materials safe even over weekends and holidays.

          Thanks for reading!  As always, if you have any questions, simply contact Terrie!

          Terrie Duren
          Client Services Manager

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