July 26, 2011

Check List for Moving with Kids

It is very easy to lose track of things and forget to do tasks when you are preparing for a move.  That is why many people depend on some sort of check list for moving to keep them organized and focused.  Every task you need to take care of should be on your check list for moving, even if it seems like something you would not ordinarily forget.  Anyone who has moved before knows that remembering every little thing can be difficult when you have a million things to do.  And when you have kids, you want to make sure you take care of everything to help them make a smooth transition to your new home. 

Check List for Moving with Kids:
1.  Transfer school records to new school. 
Make sure you know what is required to register at the new school.  Add those items to your check list for moving, so you will not forget.
2.  Visit pediatrician. 
Obtain immunization records (necessary for registering for school, camp and for traveling is some parts of the world).  Get health record transfer forms or transfer records, if you know who your new pediatrician will be.
3.  Visit dentist. 
Make sure your kids are current with their cleaning, etc.  That way you do not have to rush to get in with a new dentist right after you arrive.  Get record transfer forms.
4.  Fill prescriptions.
If your child takes medication, make sure you have enough to get through the first few weeks after you arrive at your new home. 
5.  Make sure you have birth certificates and current passports.
It is helpful to have a personal file that contains all the pertinent documents your family will need.  Know where that file is at all times during your move.  You will need birth certificates for your kids to register for school, etc.  If you need to renew any family passports, add that to the top of your check list for moving so you take care of it well in advance of when you will need to use them. 
6.  Group necessary items in one box.
Put things that your kids might need in a box together and labeled clearly, so you can find them when you are unpacking.  Cough medicine, childrens tylenol, diaper cream, diapers, extra baby blankets, etc. 
7.  Put together activities and snacks.
One item often left off a check list for moving is snacks and activities for moving day and the road trip.  Moving day is a long day.  Make sure you plan ahead, so your kids are happy and occupied.

Aside from the items on your check list for moving with kids, make sure you take the time to be with them.  Include them in packing, planning and decision making when possible.  You can even help them draft their own check list for moving with items like planning a farewell party, obtaining contact information for friends, researching fun things to do in new city and picking out paint color for room.  Talk about how they are feeling and help them make sense of moving.  And let them be kids, no matter how stressed you are trying to accomplish everything on your own check list for moving.