April 22, 2013

Military Move Basics

If you’re in the military you know you have to move.  The government will pay for your military move in a couple of different ways.  You can get the full shot; have a household moving company do everything for you. If you are leaving the state you’ll probably have to use one of the interstate moving companies, sometimes called a cross country moving company.  For many people the DITY move is a great option.  You may even need a combination of storage and moving which calls for a self service mover.

Many young people jump at the DITY for their military moving solution.  The DITY presents a good opportunity if you can pull it off.  Make the move for less than the military would pay and you can pocket the difference.  Make sure that a DITY military moving project is right.

First though you need to make an appointment with your base transportation office.  The most common choice for military moving is a full service move. With a full service move a moving company, sanctioned by your branch, will come in, pack all your goods, load them up, transport them and unload into your new home.  This is the easiest and least stressful kind of military moving.
With a DITY move the military will pay you up to 90% of what it would have cost them to provide a full service move.  However, military moving the DITY way is more stressful.  It puts the burden of packing, loading, storing, transporting, etc. on you and your family.

Here are a few questions to ask when considering a DITY for military move.

* Are you organized enough?  A military move by DITY requires much planning and organization to be cost effective and low stress.  Are you that kind of person?

* Do you have sufficient time to plan? A military move can often be ordered up in a short time frame.  A DITY military move requires extra time to strategize and execute.
* Is your family supportive of this method?  DITY puts more labor and commitment onto every family member.  Is everybody reasonably on board?

* Can you finance the move?  You will be allotted some funds up front but most of the costs will come as a reimbursement.
Military moving the DITY way can produce rewards but consider the challenges.