December 4, 2010

Moving Out Check List for Apartment

There are a lot of details you need to take care of when you move out of an apartment.  Whether you are moving out of a small studio or large 3 bedroom apartment, a moving out check list will help assure that all those details have been taken care of by the time moving day arrives.

Moving out Check List for Apartment:
1.)  Book movers, rental truck or portable storage containers (ideally, you would do this 2 months prior to your move)
2.)  Inform your landlord or management agency of your move date.
3.)  Make arrangements with building manager for the use of the freight elevator and to access storage areas. 
4.)  Get permits or parking permission for your moving company, rental truck or storage containers.
5.)  Submit change of address form with post office and contact all your banks, credit card companies, investment services and other institutions to notify them of change of address.
6.)  Contact insurance company and make changes to automobile and renters policies based on the new address.  Obtain additional moving insurance, if needed. 
7.)  Transfer medical and dental records and obtain copies of records.
8.)  Transfer school records.
9.)  Schedule utility service termination dates.  Add confirmation numbers to your moving out check list, in case any issues arise.
10.)  Schedule cleaning service, if you do not plan to clean yourself.
11.)  Schedule final walk through with landlord or management agency and add it to your moving out check list so you do not forget.  Make sure they have your new address, so you can get your security deposit.
12.)  Do a walk through of the apartment yourself well before your move out date and add any items that need to be repaired to your moving out check list. 
13.)  After your belongings have been moved out, make sure no damage was done to your apartment during the move.  Turn off all lights, faucets and appliances.  Close and lock all windows and doors.
14.)  Turn in keys.
15.)  Double check your moving out check list to make sure all items have been crossed off.