February 25, 2014

Moving Tips and Advice for Long Distance Relocations

When you're facing a long-distance move, you can use all the help you can get. Here are some interstate moving tips and advice to help make your next relocation as stress-free as possible.

  • Nudge Your Schedule. Every year in the United States, there are approximately 42 million people moving -- and the vast majority of them move during the summer months, near the end or beginning of the month , and on a weekend. If you have any flexibility in your schedule to avoid the rush, do it. You'll not only save hassle and long lines at the rental truck office, but probably a bit of money too, since you'll be moving during off-peak times.
  • Portable Storage Containers. Another way to avoid peak-season traffic on the roadways is to leave the driving to the professionals. Portable storage and moving container companies will drop off a unit (or however many you need) at your home, for you to load at your leisure, and then the company will pick it up and drive it to your destination, whether it's a few blocks, a few states, or a few time zones away.
  • Detailed Trip-Planning. Even if you're having someone else haul your stuff for you, you still have to haul yourself. If you plan on driving your own car and meeting the moving company at your new place, be sure to factor in your personal travel costs to the final bill, to avoid any surprises when it's all said and done. This includes gas, meals, overnight hotel stays, and incidental road munchies.

If you've had to move long-distance more than once, first let us extend our condolences. And second, we invite you to share any moving tips and advice you may have learned in your extensive travels. Feel free to leave them in the comments below.