April 10, 2012

Portable Storage for Your Office Move

An office move can be quite disruptive to your employees, as well as your customers.  Depending on how long you have been a your current location, you'll have a lot to organize, pack and move.  Regardless of the size of your company, you'll need to plan ahead and be organized.  So having the right tools to allow you the flexibility to carry out a smooth move in stages is extremely important.

Nonessential items such as old files and records can be a heavy burden during an office move.  Having a place to safely store those nonessential items can be extremely beneficial.  Portable storage can be just the solution you need.  Portable storage containers can be delivered directly to your office parking lot or driveway well in advance of your move.  You can load nonessential items into your portable storage containers at your leisure, minimizing disruption during your actual moving days.  This will save your employees time and allow them to focus on getting the office up and running again quickly.  Your portable storage containers can be taken to a storage facility until you are ready to deal with the items inside them, or they can be moved to the parking lot or driveway of your new office.  The items inside those containers will be protected and secure, whether they are on company property, in a storage facility or on their way to you. 

And portable storage containers don't have to just be used for storage!  You can actually use them for your entire office move and easily take care of both your storage and moving needs.  Portable storage containers give you the flexibility and convenience to carry out a successful and cost-effective office move that minimizes downtime.