July 1, 2010

Reasons to Choose a Self Service Mover

When most people think of a do it yourself move, they picture being responsible for not only loading and loading all their belongings, but also the harrowing drive with a rental truck.  In recent years, the growing popularity and increased availability of self service mover options has given consumers another way to handle a move themselves.  A self service mover takes care of the transportation of your belongings for you.  Like when you do a do it yourself move with a rental truck, you are responsible for packing, loading and unloading your belongings.  But with a self service mover, you do not have to do any driving.  Another big advantage is that you have more flexibility than you would with a rental truck. 

A self service mover will deliver a portable storage container to your driveway, curb or parking lot.  It will be weather tight and secure.  The portable storage containers available from your self service mover come in various sizes to fit the needs of your move.  The containers are easy to pack, because they are low to the ground and do not have any unusual spaces to accommodate wheel wells or cabs.  They have tie downs and built in clothing racks to make securing things easy.  You do not have to rush to load and unload your portable storage containers in one day.  A popular rental contract with a self service mover is a month.  That means you do not have to break your back loading and unloading all at once.  The self service mover will pick up your storage container when you are ready and deliver it to your new home.  And unlike when you rent a truck, it is extremely easy to combine temporary storage with a self service mover.  Your portable storage container can be stored in a security monitored and climate controlled storage facility just the way you packed it.  There is no need to unload everything, just to load it back up when you are ready to move into your new home.  When you are ready to receive your portable storage container, it will be delivered to your new home.  When it is empty, it will be picked up and taken away on a day you schedule.

The options available with a self service mover have changed the face of do it yourself moves.  You can still save tremendous cost when compared to a full service mover, yet you do not have to shoulder the responsibility and time constraints that come with renting a moving truck.