April 9, 2012

Self Service Mover Versus Rental Truck

The old school way of doing a move yourself was to rent a truck and do it all in one weekend.  It involved some backbreaking work, lots of sweat and some mean organizational skills.  The popularity of the self service mover has changed the face of the do it yourself move.  A self service mover delivers as many portable storage containers as you need directly to you.  You still have to be in charge of booking the reservation and loading and unloading all your belongings, but your responsibilities end there. 

So what makes doing a do-it-yourself move with a self service mover different than one with a rental truck?

1.  No driving required.
You do not have to pick your containers up or drop them off when you are finished.  Your self service mover will take care of delivering, transporting and picking up your shipment.  You do not have to get up the courage to drive a big moving truck through town or across the country.  You get to leave the driving to someone else.

2.  No rushing.
Unlike when you rent a truck, you have more time to load and unload with a self service mover.  Your containers remain on your property so you can load and unload at your leisure.  You can pack as you go, hire help where you need it and unload in a way that makes sense for you.

3.  No hidden fees.
With a self service mover, you know what you will pay.  There are no surprise fuel charges, toll fees and other unexpected costs.  And that makes budgeting for your do-it-yourself move a cinch. 

If you are considering a do-it-yourself move, add self service movers to your research to do list.  Your belongings will be safe and secure, and you can accomplish a more convenient and flexible move than one relying only on a rental truck.