November 15, 2011

Self Service Mover versus Rental Truck

Not long ago, when someone pictured a do it yourself move, he or she immediately thought of a rental truck and hours of tiring loading and unloading crammed into a day or two.  But the popularity of the self service mover has changed the face of the do it yourself move.  Although doing a move yourself still requires a lot of work, a good self service mover makes the process simple and less stressful.
Here's why:

1.  You do not have to drive anything anywhere.  Your self service mover delivers portable storage containers to you and parks them in your driveway, curbside or parking lot.  Your self service mover will pick them up and deliver them to your new home.  That means you get to skip the spine-tingling drive with a big unwieldy rental truck through unknown streets.

2.  You get more time to load and unload.  Unlike with the typical short rental truck contract terms, you do not have to hurry to load and unload with a self service mover.  Your belongings will be safe and secure in your containers and only you have the key to unlock them.  That means that you get to load and unload at your pace.  Your back and knees will thank you. 

3.  You know what you get.  There are no hidden fees with a self service mover.  You do not have to purchase additional driver's insurance or pay for tolls and gas.  You know how much you will pay upfront when you make your reservation.  Your portable storage containers are reserved for you.  You do not have to worry about getting to the rental lot after everyone else and having to drive the truck no one wanted. 

4.  Temporary storage is easy.  If you need to put some or all of your shipment in storage as part of your move, it's simple with a self service mover.  Those containers can be taken to a storage facility and delivered to your new home when ready.  You do not have to load and unload twice or rent a truck multiple times.