May 20, 2010

Tips for Packing When Using a Household Moving Company

When you plan to use a household moving company for your move, you still need to come up with a strategy for packing. Most consumers end up doing the bulk of the packing themselves, simply to save on hourly labor costs. And many like to know that their belongings were packed the way they want them packed. Regardless of how involved you plan to have your household moving company in packing, take some time to plan ahead.

1. Make sure you have boxes of various sizes and appropriate packing material to protect your items from damage. You can order boxes and materials from your household moving company or find them on your own.

2. It is never too early to start packing.

3. Start packing non essential items first.

4. Label everything very clearly. Come up with a system, so your labeling is consistent and can easily be recognized and understood by your household moving company team. For example, many people have a color code for each room.

5. As you are packing, get rid of anything you no longer want. Do not pay to move extra things.

6. Remember that your household moving company will have to stack boxes on top of one another. Leave room on the top and bottom of boxes for paper, so your items will be cushioned.

8. Do not skimp on packing materials for fragile items. Pack them appropriately and in the proper boxes. If you are not confident that you can pack something breakable, leave those items for the household moving company team.

9. Clearly mark fragile items as such.

10. Read and follow the list your household moving company gave you of items that are not allowed. They have those rules to protect you, your belongings and their moving team.