Frequently Asked Questions

What does the container look like?

Our all-steel, weatherproof containers come in two sizes – 12-foot and 16-foot – and we can deliver as many as you need. Our steel “barn-style” doors offer greater security than traditional roll-up doors.

How much stuff can fit in one container?

A 12-foot container typically holds 1-2 rooms of household goods, and a 16-foot container typically holds 3-4 rooms of household goods.

Where will you put the container?

We can generally put the container on any flat, weight-bearing surface that does not have obstructing tree limbs or power lines.

What if I don’t know how long I will need my container?

No problem! Use it for a month or use it for a year! We’ll pick it up from your location or return it to you from our warehouse on your schedule. No advance planning necessary.

Can I get into my container at the storage facility?

Give us 48 hours notice, and we’ll move your PACK-RAT unit to one of our secure staging areas – well-lit, safe and car-accessible locations within our warehouse. Or for a nominal fee, we can deliver your portable storage container to you so you can get what you need or add more.

 Will you help me load my container?

We have special relationships with third-party moving companies who offer our customers great deals on helping them pack or load their containers.  Contact us for more info!

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