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I rented one for a month, put it in the driveway, cleaned out the house and put what I wanted to sell in it. My daughter brought her stuff over as she was packing to move in with me temporarily. We had a Pack Rat sale for a weekend and both... made money. What didn't sell we listed on Craigs List and left in the Rat to show people who were interested. We donated the leftover treasures. We got rid of a lot of stuff and she had less to move when she relocated and my basement was empty when she left. Worked out perfect for those of us who don't have a garage.
–Beth W.

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Karl Champley
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Compare PACK-RAT to Renting a Truck


We know that choosing the right company to help you with some or all of your self move is at the top of your priority list.  More and more people are trading in their moving trucks and letting PACK-RAT take some of the stresses of moving with a truck off their shoulders.  

Here's what you get with PACK-RAT that you won't with rental trucks: 

  • Leave the Driving to Us.
    We deliver as many PACK-RAT containers as you need. We pick them up and deliver them to your new home.

  • Take your Time Loading and Unloading.
    Moving is back-breaking work. When you choose PACK-RAT, you do not have to rush to load and unload everything in a weekend.

  • Have Flexibility for Storage.
    If you need to put some or all of your belongings in storage before they are delivered to your new home, it is easy with PACK-RAT. Your containers will be stored exactly as you packed them. You do not have load and unload things multiple times or rent a truck twice.

  • Load and Unload Easily.
    Unlike rental trucks, PACK-RAT containers are square and low to the ground. You do not have to trek up and down a long ramp or find creative ways to pack around cabin space and wheel wells.

  • Know Your Costs Up Front.
    When you move with PACK-RAT, you know what you will be paying. There are no hidden fees. You will not have to worry about mileage fees, tolls, fuel costs or automobile insurance policies.

  • Depend on PACK-RAT.
    When you make a reservation with PACK-RAT, we will deliver your containers to you. When you rent a truck, you often show up with your reservation in hand only to discover that all the trucks have been taken. You can count on PACK-RAT to help you stay on schedule.

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