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Long-Distance Moving

Moving out of state or cross country can be a lot of work. We want to take some of that pressure off your shoulders by giving you a reliable, economical, convenient and flexible alternative to renting a truck or hiring one of the traditional long-distance moving companies. With 1-800-PACK-RAT, you get to leave the hassle of driving to someone else. You only have to load your belongings once because we can store your items if you need in your portable storage unit. We give you the key to your moving container and it remains unopened throughout your long-distance move.  Once we deliver your container, you get to take your time loading and unloading at your pace. 

How it Works

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Some of the 1-800-PACK-RAT extras that can help your cross-country move go smoothly:

Easy Packing

No ramps to climb or wheel wells and cabs to pack around. Corrugated cut-outs designed to let you secure straps, bungees and netting to help you keep your belongings secure during your move.

Customer Care

Our customer-care representatives will help you with ideas about how to complete your long-distance move with ease. They are full of great ideas, specially trained to help you, and are waiting by the phone to answer your questions. Representatives at other interstate moving companies are trained with a sales pitch, but our cross-country moving specialists are available for advice.

Save Hours of Your Time

Using a PACK-RAT portable storage unit can save you a lot of time and steps when moving. You don’t have to pack your items into a truck, drive to a storage facility, and unload the items only to have to load them back into a truck later.

You Choose the Timeline

Unlike with other long-distance moving companies, you can choose the timeline for your move when you use a storage container. Will you have a few weeks or months between homes? No problem! We can store your container for you in our secure storage facility, and it’s ready for you when you need it.


1-800-PACK-RAT is located in most major metro areas, with more than 60 storage locations across the United States.

Container Damage Waiver

You are insured for damage to the storage container while it’s in your possession. If a tree falls on the container during a storm, for example, you will not have to worry about the damage to the container. Personal effects are not covered under this waiver.  Find out more about additional consumer protection plans.

Furniture Blankets Provided

1-800-PACK-RAT provides you with 12 furniture blankets for your long-distance move.

Deluxe Lock to Protect Your Belongings

We offer you a brand-new lock to secure your belongings inside the container once you’re done loading.

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