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They are priced at or better than fixed storage, but so much more convenient. I never had to leave my property to store a ton of stuff!
–Doug C.

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Our Storage Facilities



1-800-PACK-RAT knows that you have high expectations for the company you trust to store your belongings during your move. We designed our storage facilities to give you peace of mind and convenience, in addition to taking excellent care of your storage needs. You and your stuff will be safe with us.



What Makes Our Storage Facilities Great

  • Climate-Controlled Warehouses - We worked with facilities engineers to determine the optimal climate conditions for storing your belongings.
    Our warehouses are always between 55º F - 80º F with humidity below 65%.
  • Secure Warehouses - Our warehouses have 24/7 video surveillance, automated sprinkler systems and secure warehouse doors.
  • Safe and Easy Access for You - Your belongings are always secured with your lock in your storage container. And unlike most traditional storage facilities, there are no shared hallways, unloading ramps, elevators or dollies.

Need to Get in Your PACK-RAT storage container?

No problem. 1-800-PACK-RAT makes it easy and convenient for you to access your storage container at our storage facilities or your location.

  • At Our Storage Facilities: Give us 48 hours notice, and we’ll move your PACK-RAT unit to one of our secure staging areas - well lit, safe and car accessible locations within our warehouse.
  • At Your Location: For a nominal fee, 1-800-PACK-RAT can deliver your portable storage container to you so you can get what you need or add more. When you're ready, we'll move your storage container back to our warehouse.  

No Longer Need Storage?

1-800-PACK-RAT delivers your container to you at your new location.  Take your time unloading; we'll pick up your empty container when you are ready.


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