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" I have used your service in the past and could not have been more satisfied. The convenience is the best part of all. The price was the best around. I would highly recommend using PACK-RAT." "

– Patty V.

How It Works

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    We deliver your all-steel, lockable, and weatherproof PACK-RAT

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    Pack your portable storage container at your convenience.

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    Leave your PACK- RAT on site or we can store it in a secure climate-controlled facility


What's the difference?


Storage Overview

We know that you care about your belongings and want the best security and protection for them when you have to put them in storage.  We also know that you value convenience and simplicity.  Whether you need short- or long-term storage, we at PACK-RAT are confident we will live up to your high expectations. We offer you the simplest way to store your stuff!


  • We Provide Protection and Security:  our PACK-RAT storage units are solidly constructed of steel.  And only you have the key to access your container, regardless of where you store it. 
  • We Make Storage Easy:  We deliver your PACK-RAT storage unit to you.  You load everything in at your leisure and we'll pick it up when you are ready.  You do not have to load and unload multiple times.  And you get to leave the driving to someone else. 
  • We Make Storage Convenient: You can keep your secure, weatherproof PACK-RAT storage container at your location or have us store it in one of our storage facilities.

The best choice for a variety of common storage needs.

1-800-PACK-RAT storage container



Whatever the reason for storage, both residential and commercial customers confidently depend on 1-800-PACK-RAT for their long-term and short-term storage needs: 


  • Getting Rid of Clutter - When you sell your home, do some major spring cleaning or host house guests for an extended visit, a PACK-RAT storage unit can help you declutter your living space.
  • Home Staging:  If you are planning to stage your home when you put it on the market, you can load your extra furniture and belongings into a PACK-RAT unit and have it all stored in one of our secure storage facilities.
  • Consolidating - Use a PACK-RAT storage unit to store extra furniture or boxes when downsizing your home or office. Take your time deciding what to do with your extra stuff.
  • Renovations - Protect your belongings during repairs, projects and remodeling. A PACK-RAT storage unit lets you keep your furniture, electronics and other valuables safe and out of the way, so you can reclaim space from intrusive home renovations.  You can also store construction supplies and equipment in a PACK-RAT unit. 
  • Salvaging - Speed recovery from fire or water damage with a delivered PACK-RAT storage unit. Store salvaged items on-site so you can get to them while work is being done, or let 1-800-PACK-RAT store them in one of our secure storage facilities.
  • Archiving - Make record retention a cinch with a PACK-RAT storage unit delivered right to your office. We bring it back on a regular basis so you can add new records or search for needed paperwork. Special rates help make long-term record storage affordable.


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