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I researched several types of " POD " movers before selecting PACK RAT and I am not disappointed. Top shelf treatment from start to finish.
–Warren D.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

Q - What does the container look like?
Q - How much stuff can fit into one container?
Q - Where will you put the container?
Q - I don’t have a driveway. Do I need a permit to put a PACK-RAT container in front of my house?
Q - Do I have to leave the container at my house?
Q - What if I don’t know how long I will need my container?
Q - Can I get into my container at the storage facility?
Q - Will my stuff be safe?
Q - Will you help me load my container?

Cost and Payments

Q - How much does it cost?
Q - Will you prorate for unused days?
Q - Can I pay with multiple credit cards?
Q - Can I pay one lump sum for my move and projected storage/rental costs?
Q - Can I pay with something besides a credit card?
Q - Do you use secure processing services for my personal info?
Q - Can I manage my account online?

Service and Usage

Q - How long does it take to deliver my empty container?
Q - Can I track my container while it is on the road?
Q - If I decide I want the container facing another direction will you come back and adjust it?
Q - May I drill into container floor support hooks to tie down items?
Q - May I transport a motorcycle, rider lawn mower, or other motorized vehicle in the container?
Q - What if I’m not happy with the service?