January 17, 2012

10 Questions to Ask Discount Movers

The moving companies you choose to assist you with your move are an important part of your moving plan.  Put finding reliable and reputable discount movers at the top of your priority list.  Inadvertently hiring rogue companies because they offered you the cheapest price can be disastrous for your wallet, your belongings and your stress level.  Obtain estimates from 3 or more discount movers before hiring one.  And have a list of basic things to ask each company.

10 Questions to Ask Discount Movers:

1.  USDOT Number.
All moving companies that move you from state to state are required to be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and should have a US Department of Transportation number. 

2.  Business license.
All reputable businesses will have a valid license to operate.

3.  Insurance.
Make sure all employees and vehicles will be covered by insurance while the company carries out your move.  Also go over what coverage is included for your belongings.

4.  Experience.
The longer your discount movers have been in business, the more experience they have.  The more experience they have, the better they usually are at moving.

5.  Subcontractors.
Ask if the discount movers will use subcontractors for any or all of your move.  If so, find out what criteria they use to select those subcontractors.

6.  Moving Team.
Ask if the same team will pack (if applicable), load and unload your belongings.  Some companies will hire different movers to unload you if you are making a long distance move.  Others will have the same team load, drive and unload. 

7.  References.
Most reputable discount movers will happily supply you with a list of references.  If you found the company somehow other than via a personal recommendation, call a few of the references. 

8.  Available dates.
If you have a specific date by which you have to move, you will want to know up front if the discount movers have availability.

9.  Estimate details.
Find out what services will be included in the estimate you will receive, when you can expect to receive it and how (email, regular mail, etc).

10. Payment.
Ask what the required deposit amount is, by when it is due and the payment options.  It is not wise to do business with a company that will only accept cash.