January 16, 2014

2013 Moving Trends for the St Louis Area INFOGRAPHIC

2013 Moving Trends for the St Louis Area INFOGRAPHIC A city is a living, breathing entity, growing in the good times and streamlining in the bad. And St. Louis, Missouri, is no exception. The Gateway City has seen its share of booms and declines, experiencing a nearly constant flow of citizens relocating both to and from other places. First, we list the top five most popular U.S. cities for inbound St. Louis immigrants.

  1. Washington, D.C.
    More D.C. residents head for St. Louis than from any other city. Reasons for the exodus range from cost of living (our nation’s capital boasts a cost of living 21.9% higher than the national average) and frustrating commute times. In fact, over a quarter of D.C. residents drive at least an hour every morning just to get to work.

  2. Dallas, Texas
    The Lone Star State scores two spots in this Top Five, with Dallas coming in at #2. Long commute times are also a factor in Dallas, as well as the uncomfortably hot summers and high obesity rate.

  3. Austin, Texas
    The Texas capital comes in at #3 for citizens emigrating to St. Louis, citing high crime rates (16% higher than the Texas average) and wildly overpriced real estate (a whopping 75.1% higher than the state average).

  4. Chicago, Illinois
    A high cost of living and high unemployment rates are sending some Chicago residents to nearby St. Louis. In fact, the entire state of Illinois experiences a relatively high move-out rate (806,000 on a net basis).

  5. Baltimore, Maryland
    Rounding out our Top Five, we find Baltimore, with an unemployment rate of 9.3% and a staggeringly high crime index -- 90% higher than statewide crime index of Maryland.
Of course, gateways swing both ways. While a significant number of citizens are moving to St. Louis, an equally significant number are leaving the city for other parts of the nation. Here are the top five move-out destinations for former St. Louis citizens.

  1. Denver, Colorado
    The capital of the Centennial State finds itself at the top of the list, with more St. Louis citizens relocating here than anywhere else in the country, citing an impressive growth rate and good job opportunities. The scenery can’t hurt, either.

  2. Tampa, Florida
    Balmy temperatures and mild winters play a part in Tampa’s #2 ranking. Florida is one of the most popular destinations for retiring citizens from nearly every state in the Union.

  3. San Antonio, Texas
    While hot summers can drive some out of Texas, they can also attract people. San Antonio grabs the first of two Texas spots in the top five cities for St. Louis emigrants.

  4. Phoenix, Arizona
    This Southwestern City boasts the fourth largest percentage of St. Louis residents deciding to call it home. In fact, much like Florida, Arizona sees a large number of immigrants from all parts of the country.

  5. Houston, Texas
    While #5 on our list, Houston ranks quite high in the nationwide list of move-out destinations, citing high employment figures and a booming job market.
Every city has its share of departing residents, but the overall economic news for St. Louis is actually quite good. The cost of living is 6.6% higher than the national average, with job opportunities available in bio-science, health care, and education. The tech industry alone boasts 84,000 available jobs. Add to that a rich history, a thriving arts scene, and a down-to-earth Midwestern sensibility, and it’s easy to see why St. Louis, Missouri, is a city on the rise.