October 18, 2010

3 Easy Ways to Save Money with the Best Interstate Moving Company

You have a huge move ahead of you.  You did your research and found the best interstate moving company for you.  You know moving is expensive, but you still want to save money.  Is that even possible? 

Yes, you can save money even if you have already decided on the best interstate moving company for your move and do not want to look any further.  Your first way to save money is to be flexible.  The weekend and the end and beginning of the month are the most popular moving times.  Additionally, the summer months are peak moving times.  If you can move when the moving company has down time, you can often get a better deal.  Secondly, pack yourself.  You will have to pay by the hour for a moving team to pack your belongings.  Additionally, if you can find your own boxes and packing materials, you can save a bundle.  Even the best interstate moving company will add the cost of those materials to your bill.  The third tip for saving is to lighten your load.  Take the time to go through your belongings and decide what you no longer need.  Often people forget about basements and attics and end up having the moving company move a lot of unnecessary items.  This will cost you.  You will have to pay for the time it takes your best interstate moving company to load and unload those unnecessary items and the weight of those items will add to your overall shipment weight.  You can make your wallet even happier by either holding a yard sale with those items or donating them for a tax write off. 

There you have it.  3 easy ways to save money with the best interstate moving company.  Be flexible, pack yourself and lighten your load.