October 26, 2011

3 Reasons Moving Coupons Are Worth the Trouble

Today there are so many online coupon web sites, promo code locators and group discount deals that many people wonder if the whole idea of the coupon is even worth anything anymore.  And when you have to move, the last thing you have time for is searching for moving coupons.  After all, your moving checklist is a mile long. 

So are moving coupons really worth all the trouble?  Yes.  Yes, they are.  And here are three reasons why:

1.  Moving coupons give you a place to start.
When you are facing the overwhelming list of tasks you have to accomplish to pull off a successful move, it is often hard to know where to start.  Those coupons give you an excellent excuse to get started.  It is best to get estimates from at least 3 different companies before you sign any contracts.  Call the companies for which you have moving coupons first to get the ball rolling and see what deals they can offer you. 

2.  Moving coupons save you money.
This one seems obvious, but they really do save you money.  Moving companies offer all sorts of deals and discounts on their web sites too.  And you can always call a company you are interested in and ask them what sots of deals they are offering currently.  Companies want your business.  They will not turn you away.

3.  Moving coupons are a great bargaining tool.
Know which company you want to hire, but wonder if they are offering you the best deal they can?  Show them or tell them about a competitor coupon and see what they can offer you.  Any reputable company will work with you to see what they can do to accommodate your budget.