November 8, 2011

3 Reasons to Use Moving Coupons

There are so many coupon web sites, group coupon deals and promo codes easily available, that some people assume coupons aren't of much value anymore.  In spite of all the availability, coupons are worth the trouble; especially moving coupons.  And it does not take much time to find them.  Check company web sites.  They are usually listed on the main page.  Also keep an eye out for coupons in the real estate section of your local newspaper, as well as in the change of address packet you receive when you fill out the paperwork with the post office.  And don't just look for coupons to save on overall moving costs.  Look for coupons on storage, boxes, packing materials and labor to help with your move. 

3 Reasons Moving Coupons Are Worth It:

1.)  Moving coupons save you money.
This one is obvious, but true.  Moving coupons cut the cost of your moving expenses.  And who couldn't use a little extra cash when moving? 

2.)  Moving coupons give you a place to start.
Finding good moving companies and rental agencies can be overwhelming.  Moving coupons give you a good jump start on your research.  Contact all the companies for which you have coupons and you are well on your way to finding the right companies for you.

3.)  Moving coupons open the door to more deals.
With a coupon in hand, you can ask about other deals available with the company.  And if you know of a company you would like to hire, but don't have a coupon for, let them know you have one from another company.  Most companies will be more than happy to try to win your business by offering you the best deal they can.