January 4, 2012

3 Things to Do to Prepare for a Military Move

When you are facing your first military move, everyone will have a story to share.  Moving is never easy, but it will become less stressful and mysterious once you have done a military move once or twice.  Luckily, when the government requires that you move, it will pay to pack and move you.  Cost is one of the biggest stressors for people who have to move, so at least that is one less thing to worry about with a military move.  But what can you do to prepare for your first move with the military?

1.  Make a counseling appointment.
As soon as you have orders, contact your transportation or personal property office on base to schedule an appointment.  You counselor will cover everything you need to know about making a military move.  He or she will go over your options, maximum allowable weight limit, guidelines for authorized household goods, required paperwork and estimated calculations for a DITY (do it yourself) move. 

2.  Get personal documents in order. 
You want to make sure your family has everything it needs to make a smooth transition after your military move.  You want to be able to register for school, seek medical and dental care and travel.  Put together a folder with all personal documents:  birth certificates, immunization records, powers of attorney, marriage license, passports, vehicle and home titles, etc.  Assign one person to be in charge of the folder during your move and decide how it will be moved.

3.  Have a yard sale.
It is a lot of hassle to pack, move and unpack things you no longer want or need.  Find a good home for those items instead.  Doing so will also help keep you within your maximum allowable weight limit for your military move.