November 23, 2011

3 Tips for Moving Check Lists

Anyone who has moved before knows that organization is the key to making a smooth move.  You need to have a timeline, moving plan and a thorough research strategy for finding the best mover for your wallet.  Moving check lists are the number one organization tool for keeping your move on track.  There are so many things you will need to do from the moment you find out you have to move to when you are making the transition in your new home.  Without moving check lists, you will most assuredly forget something.  Moving check lists also keep you focused.  You know what you need to do when. 

3 Tips for Creating Moving Check Lists:

1.  Group items via a timeline
There are certain tasks that are best done at certain times prior to your move.  For example, you should be contacting movers for estimates ideally 2 months prior.  You need to fill out change of address paperwork with the post office 1 month prior to your move.  By organizing your moving check lists within a timeline, it allows you to focus on what needs to be done now rather than getting overwhelmed by a huge to do list.

2.  Make an electronic version and share
Everyone in your family will be participating in the move.  Make electronic versions of your moving check lists.  This allows you to have a back up and everyone can share the lists via their electronic devices and laptops.  There are even list apps that allow you to all share the same list and make changes that will be reflected whenever anyone views the list. 

3.  Reference them often
Moving check lists are only effective if you actually reference them.  Check in once a day and make sure you are on track with what needs to be done.  Take a peek at what's up next so you stay focused.  And cross items off as they are accomplished.