March 20, 2012

3 Ways to Find the Best Interstate Moving Company

One of the most important things you have to take care of when you are planning your move is finding the best interstate moving company to help you carry out a successful move.  There are a ton of companies out there offering a variety of services, so how do you find the best interstate moving company for you?

1.  Comparison shop.
It is always recommended that you get three or more estimates before you settle on the best interstate moving company for you.  So don't take a shortcut.  Compare the estimates side by side and make sure you understand what is and is not included in each of them.  Also notice if one estimate is significantly less than the others, as that can be a red flag.  Do your background research on the companies to assure that they are licensed, insured, reputable and experienced. 

2.  Know your budget.
The best interstate moving company for you is, unfortunately, not just about the movers with the fanciest trucks or the most impressive services.  You have to find the one that also fits your budget.  That does not mean you should simply go with the company that gives you the cheapest estimate.  Do your due diligence and make sure you find a company that is reputable, reliable, offers you the services you need AND fits your budget.

3.  Get creative.
If you have found the best interstate moving company, but hiring them will squeeze your budget, talk to the company about deals and offers they can currently give you.  If you are flexible on moving dates, you can also move on a date when the company is not as in demand and can often get a better deal.  You can also cut your budget by finding used boxes and packing material and doing most or all of the packing yourself.