May 15, 2012

4 Signs a Company May Not Be the Best Interstate Moving Company for You

We know how hard moving is.  There are a million details to take care of and it takes courage and a lot of sweat and tears.  And one of the most important, but sometimes daunting, tasks is finding the best interstate moving company to help you with this stressful adventure.  There are a ton of companies out there.  And they all claim to be the best.  So what signs should you look for that a company may not be the best interstate moving company for you?

1.  Customer Service
When you call the phone number given on web sites and ads, does the person answer with the name of the company or a generic "movers"?  Listen to how you are treated as a potential customer.  The best interstate moving company for you will be responsive, respectful and provide informed answers. 

2.  Payment
Be skeptical of any company that says it only takes cash.  They may just skip down with it.  Any reputable moving company will accept non-cash payments. 

3.  License and Insurance
The best interstate moving company for you will offer proof of these up front.  They are usually also on the web site and other information materials.  Do not mess around with a company that is not licensed or insured. 

4.  References
Ask for a list of references.  A reputable company, whether it is new or has been around a long time, knows how important recommendations and references are.  They will willingly let you talk to customers who recommend their services.  Contact one or two for some feedback.  Also do some searches online and via the Better Business Bureau to make sure they are experienced, trustworthy and reputable. 

Once you've eliminated the red flags, the best interstate moving company for you is one that fits both your expectations for how you would like your home and belongings treated and your budget.