October 19, 2011

4 Things To Do Before You Start Your Search for Cross Country Moving Companies

You will have a growing to do list as your moving date gets closer and closer.  And if you plan to hire help with your move, one of your very first tasks will be to contact cross country moving companies.  It is recommended that you obtain estimates from at least 3 cross country moving companies before you settle on one to hire.  But in order for those estimates to be accurate, you need to do a little preparation before you start calling. 

1.  Pick a moving date.
Take a peek at your calendar and decide on a realistic desired moving date and an alternate date.  When you plan to move will impact the estimates.  If you can move during a slow or off peak time, for example, most cross country moving companies can offer you a better deal.

2.  Know your budget.
Go over your expenses, savings and income to figure out how much you want or realistically can spend moving.  Always have the figure handy when you speak with cross country moving companies.  You will need to balance your budget with your expectations for the services and amount of work you can afford. 

3.  Know what you need them to do.
Cross country moving companies can only give you a realistic estimate if you are clear about what you need them to do.  If you need them to pack some or all of your belongings, let them see what those items are and talk about how you expect that done.  If you want them to come a day early to pack certain things, be clear about that so they will provide those additional hours as part of the estimates.

4.  Declutter beforehand.
If you already know certain things will not be moving with you, donate those items or have a yard sale before you meet with cross country moving companies.  If you cannot do that, at least put those items together in one area of the house.  Often having those things mixed in can make it look like you have more to move than you do.