June 5, 2014

4 Tips for Moving with Children

Family of five carrying moving boxes

Moving with young children can be a challenge! "Are we there yet?" is sure to be heard, but with a little planning and patience, you can achieve a smooth long-distance drive or long flight with minimal complaints and glitches. And by using a portable storage container to move your belongings for you, you can travel with kids at your own pace.

  1. Get them involved: Start getting your children involved at the beginning of the process. Asking your kids to help you pack, choose toys to play with on the car ride and showing them pictures of your new home and town can help them feel excited about the move. 

  2. Pack activities: Prepare activities and games for kids to occupy your children on the drive. Kids games like "I Spy" can make the drive fun and exciting for your kids. Let your kids help you put together a road trip playlist of their favorite songs for a memorable sing-a-long as you make the long drive to your new home.

  3. Don't forget the snacks: Car travel with kids requires snacks! Pack a cooler full of snacks and drinks so you can avoid multiple stops throughout the day. Don't forget to let your kids choose some of their favorites to bring along.

  4. Plan interesting breaks: If you have time to make extended stops, break up your road trip with visits to educational or fun destinations. Plan lunch at a park or stop at a museum to give your kids things to look forward to on the long drive.