November 8, 2011

4 Tips for Saving More on a DITY Move

Most people choose to take on a DITY move (do it yourself move), because they want to save money.  Hiring a full service moving company to pack and move you can add up to a shockingly large bill.  Doing your own packing can save you a bundle.  And taking it a step further by doing a full DITY move can save you even more.  It is a lot of work, but a DITY move will reward your wallet in the end.  And if you plan ahead, you can save even more.

4 Tips for Saving More on a DITY Move:

1.  Clean House.
Do not waste precious resources moving things you no longer need.  Have a garage sale and pocket the profits, or make a tax deductible donation of those goods to an organization that can find a good home for them.

2.  Use Coupons.
Look for moving coupons, special discounts, deals and online promotion codes.  The company you use to help with your DITY move can be even more economical when you play your cards right.

3.  Get Help.
Ask family and friends to help you pack, load and unload.  Make it worth their while by returning the favor somehow or feeding them all after the hard work.  If you have to hire help, you will usually be charged by the hour.  So any free help you get will allow you to cut costs. 

4.  Get Used Materials.
The world is full of boxes.  People move all the time and businesses have thing shipped in boxes.  Look for classified listings for used moving boxes and materials.  And visit local retailers for their empty boxes.  Use old newspapers and magazines instead of packing paper.  Use sweatshirts, blankets and pillows for padding in boxes.