March 14, 2012

4 Tips to Help You Be Ready When Your Household Moving Company Arrives for Moving Day

Moving involves a lot of details.  You have a list of tasks a mile long that you have to accomplish before your household moving company arrives for moving day.  So how do you make sure you are ready for moving day?

1.  Have a moving checklist
Even the most organized person will forget things in the flurry of moving.  Make sure you stay on task and focused by having a good checklist that you reference often.  Any task you think of that needs to be accomplished, no matter how obvious, should be on your checklist.

2.  Don't procrastinate
Leaving things until the last minute will mean you will have to pay your household moving company by the hour to do unexpected tasks to carry out your move.  Worst case scenario if you aren't ready, is that your household moving company will have to reschedule your moving day.

3. Confirm with your household moving company
Have open lines of communication between your household moving company and you.  Discuss any specifics of your move when you first meet with movers for estimates.  Be clear about what you need your movers to do and how you would like everything handled.  Your household moving company team cannot read your mind, so be clear about your expectations well in advance so they plan accordingly.

4.  Handle the logistics well in advance
Make sure your home and the property around it is ready, so when the household moving company arrives they can get to work.  Decide which path in and out you want your movers to use, where you want them to park and if any floor protection and other precautions to protect your new or old homes will be needed.  Secure parking permits, reserve freight elevators and make sure walkways are clear and safe.