June 6, 2012

4 Ways to Make Discount Moving Even Cheaper

Every extra penny saved when doing discount moving is always a bonus.  Moving is expensive.  Many people seek discount moving options to stick to their budgets.  So what can you do to make your discount moving adventure even more cost effective?

1.)  Figure out what you can do yourself.
There are some things you can handle yourself and others you cannot.  That will, of course, depend upon your physical condition, the amount of time you have and how much help you can find.  It is important to be realistic.  Nothing can plow through a budget like having to hire last minute movers to take care of everything for you because you didn't plan properly.

2.)  Hunt for discount moving coupons.
Coupons not only offer you savings, but give you a reason to start your moving process.  Call companies for which you have coupons.  It is best to have at least 3 estimates before making a final decision.  Then use those moving coupons as a bargaining chip with other companies to see what they can offer that might compare.

3.)  Lighten up.
The larger your shipment; the more it will cost to move it.  Do your budget a favor by getting rid of the things you no longer need before you move them.  You can make a little extra by holding a garage sale or donating those items to charity. 

4.) Recycle.
Don't waste money buying brand new boxes and materials.  Search Craigslist and Freecycle for free or cheap used boxes from people who have recently moved.  Visit local retailers and grocers for used clean boxes and borrow reusable containers from friends and family.  Likewise, use reusable materials for padding and old newspapers and magazines in lieu of packing paper will help you stick to your discount moving budget.