October 13, 2011

5 Guidelines for Your Cross Country Moving Company Search

Finding the right cross country moving company to help you with your move is one of the most important things on your moving checklist.  Too often people focus on simply finding the cheapest estimate and forget to take into consideration the many other factors that bring value to a cross country moving company.  While choosing an estimate that fits within your budget is important, you also want to choose a company that will not end up costing you more time and money if something goes wrong. 

1.  At least 3 estimates.
Obtain at least 3 estimates from different companies before hiring a cross country moving company.  This will give you an opportunity to do some side by side comparisons and recognize if something does not look right in an estimate.

2.  Licensed and insured.
Make sure any cross country moving company you are planning to hire is licensed and insured.  You want to know that you are dealing with a reputable company that will handle any mishaps with your belongings or home professionally and legally.  You also want to know that all employees are covered by insurance if one of them is injured while working on your move. 

3.  Check references.
Ask around to see if any people you know have a good recommendation for a cross country moving company.  If you found a company without a recommendation, ask for references and actually check a few.

4.  Sub contractors.
Ask if the cross country moving company will outsource some or all of your move to sub contractors.  If they do, find out if those sub contractors have to meet the same licensing, insurance and reputation criteria that the company has for itself. 

5.  Follow your instincts.
Look for red flags and heed them.  If a company does not accept non-cash payments, be wary.  If you are greeted with a generic "hello" or "movers" when you call the company number instead of the company name, be wary.  If a company will not let you see their facilities, be wary.  If an estimate seems too good to be true when compared to others, it probably is.