February 27, 2012

5 Moving House Check List Items

One of your biggest tasks when you move, other than getting all your packing done, is to make sure that your house is in move in condition for the next renters or owners.  It is smart to have a moving house check list to assure that you take care of the many tasks involved to get your house ready.

Moving house check list:

1.  Schedule or take care of cleaning
It is best to clean as you pack, rather than leaving it all until the last minute.  If you plan to hire someone to clean, doing a little along the way will save you money.  And if you plan to do it all yourself, you won't have to dedicate time and energy cleaning it all at once when you are already exhausted from everything else on your moving house check list.

2.  Take care of repairs and home maintenance
Do a walk through of your home well before your moving day.  Review details of your contract or lease so you are clear what you are responsible for. Add any repair and maintenance tasks to your moving house check list.  Include a deadline for each of those tasks.

3.  Take care of yard maintenance
If you plan to do this yourself, add those tasks to your moving house check list.  If you are hiring someone, make sure you do so well in advance to make sure everything gets done in time.

4.  Schedule utility service start and termination
Call your utility companies at least two weeks prior to your moving day to schedule dates when your service will be terminated at the current location and start at your new home.  Again, review your lease or contract to know whether you are supposed to transfer or simply terminate services.

5.  Change address
Fill out change of address form with the US Post office at least a month prior to your moving day.  Contact banks, credit card companies, investment services, insurance companies and other important institutions to notify them of your change of address.  Add a reminder to your moving house check list to confirm that everything is being forwarded correctly after you move to your new home.