September 5, 2011

5 Packing Tips When Using Portable Storage Containers

Portable storage containers make moving convenient and flexible.  You do not have to be in charge of driving, you get to load and unload at your own pace and you can easily combine temporary storage with your move if you need to.  But you still have to pack and load your containers, so we have provided some quick tips on how best to do that.

5 Packing Tips When Using Portable Storage Containers:

1.  Label everything.
Have lots of packing tape and permanent markers handy while you pack.  When you finish packing a box, tape it closed and label it with the contents and room in which it belongs.

2.  Color code by room.
Buy different colored stickers or use a different color marker for each room.  It will help you immediately identify which box goes in which room (regardless of the contents) and make unloading much more efficient.

3.  Keep an inventory list.
As things are loaded in your portable storage containers, write them on your inventory list.  When you are several days in the loading process, it is easy to forget what went where. 

4.  Remember physics.
No matter how careful you are when moving, things are bound to move around and shift during their journey.  Protect your belongings by loading things in a logical manner.  Do not put something heavy on top of something that can easily get crushed.  Utilize tie downs and other accessories.  And pad things to protect against shifting.  Most portable storage containers offer you diagrams and suggestions for the best way to pack your containers. 

5.  Keep it clean.
Clean your clothing before you pack it away.  And the same goes for dishes and other such items that, when dirty, will attract insects, mold and mildew.  This is especially important if you plan to put your portable storage containers in temporary storage.