November 4, 2011

5 Questions to Ask Before You Take on a Military DITY Move

When you have to move with the military, the government pays for your move.  That means that they will find and hire a full service professional moving company to pack and move you.  Alternatively, you can do a military DITY move (do it yourself move).  When you choose to do a DITY move, the government will pay about 90 percent of what it would have had to pay a moving company to carry out your move.  And since most people can carry out a military DITY move for much less than what it would cost a professional moving company to do everything, that means you could potentially pocket a handsome sum of money.  But before you get enticed by the possible profit, make sure you know what is involved to successfully do a military DITY move.

1.  Are you authorized to do a military DITY move?
There are some assignments for which a DITY move is not recommended.  And regardless of your assignment, you will not be reimbursed for expenses if you did not submit the appropriate paperwork for authorization. 

2.  Do you have enough time?
If you have to move quickly, a military DITY move may not be the right choice.  You need to make sure you have adequate lead time to take care of all the organization and planning required to do a move yourself.

3.  Do you understand your weight limit?
The military will only pay to move household goods that are within your maximum allowable weight limit.  Whether the government moves you or you do a DITY move, you will be responsible for the cost of anything beyond that. 

4.  Are you comfortable with your budget?
Although you will be given an advance, there will be lots of expenses that pop up during a military DITY move that you need to pay for and wait for reimbursement.  Do not take on a DITY move if you do not have a solid handle on your budget. 

5.  Are you ready for the work?
A military DITY move requires a lot of work.  Make sure you have the time, commitment and energy to handle the task ahead.