April 11, 2012

5 Things for Your Military Move Personal Folder

A military move is stressful on the whole family.  You have to uproot your family from their daily routines and the home they know and help them settle in to a new place and establish those roots and routines again.  Of course, you have to do that in addition to transitioning to your new job and assignment after packing and moving.  A military move is no small task.  But you can make the military move transition easier on your family by having all your personal documents in order so that you can quickly get everyone in their new routines.

The first thing to do is to establish a file or folder in which to house all of your personal documents.  Assign one person in your family to be in charge of that folder during your military move and decide how it will travel with you.  Make sure you have it secured on moving day so that it does not accidentally get misplaced, loaded onto the truck or stolen. 

What types of things should be in your personal folder before your military move?

1.  Military orders.
The various steps involved with a military move often require that you show a copy of your orders.  Make several copies.

2.  Travel documents.
Make your passports are current if you will be traveling out of the country.  If will be traveling stateside, it is important to still keep your passports in your personal folder so that you do not lose them in the chaos of your military move.

3.  Birth certificates and naturalization papers.
In order to register your kids for school, you will need birth certificates and naturalization papers (if applicable).  If you need official copies, that sometimes takes a couple weeks so plan ahead.

4.  Medical records.
Immunization records are required to register kids for school and daycare.  Make sure those records are current and you have a copy of them in your personal file.  Have copies of prescriptions and other medication information, in case you need to seek medical care on your way to your new assignment.

5.  Personal records.
You'll need a copy of your marriage license, powers of attorney, proof of insurance and vehicle registration and title.  If you have a pet, have a copy of the current registration and immunization records.