February 16, 2012

5 Tips for a Military Move

Moving and being in the military go hand in hand.  Members of the military and their families typically move every few years.  And although they get used to moving, making a military move is never easy.  So what can you do to prepare you and your family for your next military move?

1.  Start early
Like with any move, the earlier you start your military move the easier it will be on you and your family.  Do not procrastinate. It is never too early to start packing and getting organized for your next assignment.

2.  Take care of paperwork
As soon as you have official orders for your military move, make an appointment with the personal property office or transportation office on base.  Know what forms and paperwork you need to take care of, regardless if you are doing a DITY military move or having the government handle everything.

3. Know the rules
When you make a military move, the government has guidelines you need to follow.  Make sure you know what you are authorized to do yourself, your maximum allowable weight limit and what items are considered household goods.  Know what you need to take care of for reimbursement of expenses.

4.  Be responsible
Take the time to get all your personal items taking care of.  Have copies of birth certificates, powers of attorney, marriage license, immunization records and other items pertinent to your family's needs.  Make sure passports are renewed, you refill prescriptions and have contact information for insurance policies.  Take digital photos or videos of all your belongings and make an inventory list of your household goods.

5.  Follow through
It wouldn't be the military, if you didn't have forms and paperwork to fill out.  After your move, there will be certain things you will need to take care of.  Know what paperwork you need to turn in for reimbursement and what you need to do to get your family settled in.