April 24, 2012

5 Tips to Help Make Your Discount Moving Plan Worth the Hassle

In the current economy, more and more people have been seeking discount moving options.  And contrary to popular belief, discount moving can be done smoothly and will reward your wallet handsomely.  The catch is that it takes a lot of planning and organization.

So what should you do before you jump into discount moving headfirst?

1.  Go over your budget.
To successfully plan any move, you need to know what you can spend.  Take the time to come up with your discount moving budget before you make any decisions.  Your budget will be your guide as you research options and obtain estimates.  Your budget will dictate what you can outsource, what you'll have to handle yourself and how you accomplish all that.
2.  Look at the calendar.
When you move on a budget, you need to have time to plan.  Start planning as soon as possible.  You can get better deals with discount moving companies when you have plenty of time before your desired moving date and you are flexible. 

3.  Be a smart shopper.
Do your research to find reputable companies to help with your move.  And don't just call one company.  Do some comparison shopping when you get estimates.  And don't forget about moving coupons and discounts.

4.  Draft a moving checklist.
Moving is chaotic.  Trying to do it on a budget only adds to that chaos.  Drafting a solid moving checklist that you will follow and reference everyday will keep you focused, on task and on budget.

5.  Do your own packing.
Taking care of your own packing will do wonders for your budget.  It takes time, however, so make sure you plan accordingly.  Find used boxes or borrow reusable containers instead of purchasing new boxes.  Be realistic about what you can handle physically and plan ahead to get the help you need so you stick to your budget.