September 29, 2010

7 Discount Moving Packing Tips

Trying to accomplish discount moving takes a lot of planning, preparation and organization.  Even if you find a great deal with a moving company that allows you to stick to your discount moving budget, you can plow right through that budget if you spend too much on packing materials.  Be smart and creative about packing and you can stay well within your discount moving budget plan. 

1.  Find use boxes and packing materials.  No matter where you live, there are people moving there.  Check neighborhood bulletin boards and listservs and classifieds like Craigslist for advertisements for free and cheap used moving boxes and materials.  And a lot of people stack their moving boxes on the curb for recycling day.  Drop by retail stores too; they are usually very happy to part with big boxes.  Free is very good for your discount moving budget. 

2.  Borrow reusable bins.  Ask friends and family for empty plastic storage bins.  They protect your belongings and you get to give them back, which means you do not have to find a home for your boxes or contribute to the landfills when you are done moving.

3.  Use blankets, linens and pillows for padding.  Use these items to help buffer things instead of buying paper or bubble wrap. 

4.  Use newspapers and magazines instead of buying packing paper.

5.  Get rid of the things you no longer want or need, instead of wasting time and money moving them.  Donate those items for a tax write off or hold a yard sale.  Either option will benefit your discount moving budget.

6.  Organize and label your essentials.  Do not waste money running to the store for items you already own but cannot find when you are unpacking.  Group toiletries, cleaning items and kitchen essentials in their own boxes, label their contents and mark them with "Open First." 

7.  Confirm and know your return dates for rental equipment, so you do not accidentally get charged late fees and ruin your discount moving budget.