December 13, 2012

A Discount Moving HOW TO

Everybody likes a discount right?  But what is”discount moving?”  Discount moving is method of moving (relocating) where you do most of the work yourself and then use a discount mover to transport your property.  It is a fairly easy and painless way to move for a lot less money then you'd spend hiring one of those big household moving companies.

Here's a general picture of how  discount moving works: First, get yourself a moving checklist.  This will get you and keep you on track throughout the move.  Next, look around for a  discount moving company.  Contact a few and get their prices.  What you'll be getting is a lease on a portable storage container and the cost to deliver it to your new location.

Be sure you visit the discount moving company to examine the portable storage units in person.  You want the best, most secure and weatherproof container for the money.  It should be steel, have lots of hooks and cut outs for bungees or ropes and be elevated off of the ground.

Once you have struck a deal these “self service movers” will drop off the portable storage unit in your driveway of parking lot.  You go out and obtain the necessary boxes, bubble wrap, tape and whatever else is needed.  You wrap and box your stuff an place it securely in the container.  Doing it this way allows you to pack up your goods at your own pace and to your satisfaction.   You will have already designated a moving day so when it arrives, and you've worked through your moving out check list, the discount mover will dispatch a truck to pick up your stuff, safely inside the container, and deliver it to your new location.  From there, you unpack it and when your done the discount mover comes and takes the container away. Discount moving, you can see how it costs less!