February 27, 2013

A DITY Move Calculator Can Earn You a Profit

In the service, relocating comes with the job.  Most personnel must make a permanent change of station (PCS) every 2 or 3 years. There are also temporary duty assignments (TDY) or deployment moves.

Moving is not easy.  There are different types of moves and some are simpler than others.  Different kinds of moves demand appropriate types of moving companies.  You might make a complete DITY move on your own.  If your move is only temporary, like an overseas assignment, you want storage and moving services.  If you’re remaining in the same state, with lots of property, you can hire a normal household mover.  However, if you are moving to a different state, and have a lot of property, you need a cross country moving company, often called interstate moving companies.

Depending on your family and the possessions you own, the best choice is often a military move in which all your possessions are packed, shipped, and unloaded by others.  A benefit of military service is that this is free.  But for many service people that don’t have a lot of goods or a big family, a total DITY move is the best choice.

If you want a DITY move, start with a DITY Move Calculator. Available on base or online, a DITY Move Calculator is a software tool that aids you in estimating what your costs will be. The DITY Move Calculator will analyze mileage, weight of your property, fuel prices, truck rentals, hotels, food and other details to arrive a specific cost.

The military has established rates it pays professional movers. If you choose a DITY move, the DITY Move Calculator is the only accepted method for calculating costs.  You should be reimbursed almost 100% of the price of a professional move.

By using a DITY Move Calculator, you’ll get the correct reimbursement estimate and be able to determine if your DITY move costs less.  If you can do it for less you will keep the difference. Use only a DITY Move Calculator that it is current and has the latest approved values.