March 4, 2013

A Few Things Not To Forget for Your Moving Check List

When you get ready to move the best first thing you to do is acquire a good, thorough, customized moving check list.  A good moving check list will not only ease the stress of moving by helping you to remember all the details but it will also provide you with a schedule for taking care of them.

However, the very first place to start is determining what kind of move you have to make. From there you choose what kind of mover you need.  If you have a simple local move, like across town, you can hire an ordinary household moving company.  If the move is really simple, like from one apartment to another in the same building you can just make a DITY move.  If you want to do a combination move, you can hire a self service mover, sometimes called discount movers.  Unless you are moving yourself, if you are moving out of state, you’ll have to hire one of the interstate moving companies.  Also called interstate moving companies, they are the only ones licensed to travel across state lines.

Even the best moving check list will leave off some detail or good idea you’d like to know, so here are a few often overlooked “Don’t Forget’s” for your move.

*Plan to have a going away party! You can say goodbye to friends and neighbors without the bother of visiting everybody.  A party lets you dispose of food, liquor and goods that you don't want to move.  Put the stuff out and ask your guests to help themselves. Set up a party for your children so they can say goodbye to their friends, classmates and give things away too.
* House plants: Most movers won't take or guarantee house plants. No light, water and severe temperature changes can kill them.
* If you’re taking them, have your drapes and rugs cleaned.  Leave them in the plastic. It's nice to have clean rugs in your new home!
*Get valuables appraised: Antiques, paintings, jewelry, anything that has a significant value and could be damaged during a move should be appraised. Keep these documents with you or mail them ahead to your new address.

Add these to your moving check list so you don't forget!