September 6, 2011

A Self Service Mover Can Deliver the Extra Storage Space You Need During Remodeling

When you remodel your home, it is a huge disruption to the routines of your family.  Not only do you have to contend with dust, noise and contractors in and out of your house, but you have to find a place for all the stuff that will be in the way during the various stages of the project.  And simply crowding already limited family living spaces with boxes and extra furniture can only add to the stress level and make the process seem much longer than it is.  For that reason, more and more people let a self service mover provide the extra storage space they need when they take on a remodeling project.

Once a self service mover delivers a portable storage container to you, you can leave that container on your property and let it serve as your extra storage space for the duration of the project. That allows you to easily and conveniently move things in and out through various stages of the project and access things you need to frequently use, but do not have the room for in the house.  If you do not have room or do not want to keep your container on your property, your self service mover can take it to a secure storage facility until you are ready to have it delivered back to your home. 

Many homeowners who are remodeling their homes also find that a container from a self service mover can be like an extra garage or shed during remodeling.  Building materials and equipment can be easily storaged out of the elements and securely locked up at night and on the weekends. 

A self service mover can deliver a convenient and flexible extra storage option to help keep you and your contractors organized during remodeling and help your family weather the process without having to worry about crowded living areas.