September 5, 2013

A Storage and Moving Partnership

Except when you are moving across statelines, when you pretty much have to hire a cross country moving company, people have a wide choice of methods to complete their relocation.

You might attempt a complete DITY move where you do all the packing, loading, renting, transporting, parking, unloading and unpacking yourself. (Whew!) You might just hire a household moving company and have them do all the work. If you’re making a military move, that is a different story. You have to start with your base property officer. Or you might strategize how to do the job half and half; that’s where storage and moving comes in.

Storage and moving is a partnership between yourself and a self service mover (aka discount movers.) You do all the wrapping, packing and loading and they supply the portable storage containers to put your goods in and the transportation. Storage and moving can be an ideal solution, especially when you have ample time to move and want to move at the least cost possible.

The storage and moving partnership begins when you visit discount moving companies and discuss you goals. You should provide an idea of how much property you have and an approximate date for the move. After checking out the safety, security and weatherproof qualities of the portable storage units, you’ll agree to a period of lease. After that, the self service movers will deliver the portable storage to your present home. You take your time and carefully wrap and load your goods into the container. This “work at your own pace” greatly reduces the normal stress of moving. Often, movers feel even more secure and confident about their property knowing that they have safely packed and loaded it.

When moving day comes, the container is picked up, transported to your new home and dropped off for you to unload. When it’s empty the self service movers return and take it away. Storage and moving; it can be a smart partnership!