October 26, 2013

Are You Ready for Your Big Move

Did you know that the average American, according to the 2011 Census, will move more than 10 times in their life? Fortunately for the average American, mobile storage containers have taken what was once a very painful and stressful process, and made it a little bit easier. These containers generally come with the benefits of packing and unpacking them at your leisure, and not having to worry about the transportation logistics.

No matter where you are moving from, or to, everyone could use moving day tips. Here are three to help make your move less stressful, whether it is your first, or your tenth.

  1. Do not forget to make moving check lists.

    If you are moving with one or multiple mobile storage containers, chances are that by moving day you will have had them at least close to being fully packed. Make yourself a check list for moving day that reminds you to check your garage, shed, attic, basement, pantry and closets for any items that might be left behind. Include anything on the list that you might be likely to overlook in the chaos of a moving day. For example, did you make sure to pack a water bowl and some dog food in your car so that your dog does not have to starve or dehydrate, waiting for you to unpack your mobile storage container at the new place?

  2. Do not forget about the food.

    Moving day always requires more physical work than most people seem to be prepared for. It also requires a lot of on the spot decision making as to which items should go in which boxes, where boxes will go, and what will the best route to the new place be. If you deprive yourself of food during moving day you will undoubtedly be much more stressed and frustrated, taking it out on your loved ones. It can also be dangerous to exert yourself physically without being properly fueled and hydrated. Make time and preparations to have breaks so that you can stay in a good state of mind.

  3. Do not get caught up on the details.

    Anyone that has moved once or twice knows that when you have moving options, such as multiple rooms in a new place that might serve for a living room, or more than one way to tackle the unpacking process, it is inevitable that you and your housemate, whether it is a roommate or your significant other, are bound to disagree. To make the moving day easier for yourself, make a commitment to not nitpick over details, and to sit down after everything is unpacked and make more firm commitments about which wall the sofa is going to go up against. It might be tempting to get everything laid where it is supposed to be as soon as it is unpacked, but arguing over which room would make the best bedroom will slow things up.

Having mobile storage containers is a big step towards having an easier moving day, but for the best moving tips it might be useful to check out moving tips blogs. Also, if you have seasoned movers among friends and family, ask them for their tips and suggestions. There is a wealth of knowledge available on the internet and among your community, so take advantage of these tips to make your move as simple as possible.