May 3, 2012

Basic Moving List

Anyone who has had to move before knows there are a ton of details to take care of before moving day arrives.  Creating a good moving list of tasks to follow is the easiest way to assure that everything is accomplished.  Refer to your moving list often by keeping it somewhere handy, add and cross off tasks and maintain your list in whatever way you are comfortable.  For example, you may prefer to have your moving list on your smart phone, electronically in a Word document or written up on old school legal paper.  Whatever works for you, do it.

Everyone's moving list will, of course, differ.  But here is a basic moving list to give you a place to start:

2 Months Prior:
1.  Contact 3 or more moving or rental companies for estimates. Compare estimates before deciding. 
2.  Do a walkthrough of your home and add any maintenance or repairs to your moving list.
3.  If necessary, renew passports and request official copies of birth certificates for travel and school enrollment. 

6 Weeks Prior:
1.  Hire moving company or book rental agreements.
2.  Arrange for temporary storage, if needed.
3.  Start packing nonessential and off season items. 

4 Weeks Prior:
1.  Hold yard sale or donate items you no longer need.
2.  Fill out change of address paperwork with post office.  Contact banks, credit card companies, investment services and other institutions to change address.
3.  Contact insurance companies to make any changes to your policies.
4.  Get your personal documents in order and collected in one central file.
5.  Visit physicians, request records transfer, refill prescriptions and update immunization records. 

2 Weeks Prior:
1.  Pack everything but the essentials.
2.  Clean and do yard maintenance.
3.  Schedule utility service dates for old and new homes.  Add those dates to your moving list so you have them handy.
4.  Confirm moving dates with movers or rental companies.
5.  Secure parking permit and freight elevator for moving day.

1 Week Prior:
1.  Put items that will be stored in storage, so they do not accidentally get moved.
2.  Get out cash for tips and fill out check/payment for moving day.
3.  Print directions for you and movers.
4.  Make sure all walkways and driveways are clear for moving day.
5.  Put snacks and games together for your family on moving day.