October 17, 2012

Being a Self Service Mover

What does it mean to be a self service mover?  Well, it’s kind of like a Do It Yourself move…but with a little help.  Help that comes from a company you hire, not your friends.  So YOU are the self service mover but you also hire a self service mover company to do part of the work.

Make sense?  Let’s look at it.  Let’s say you live in a city and you’re planning to move into a better apartment across town.  You’ve been in your present place for several years so you have a pretty good collection of property.  You have books, a CD/DVD collection, clothes, a nice bed and some other good furniture plus a couple of appliances.  Now you can easily pack up all the small stuff like clothes, pictures, kitchen stuff and the cds.  Even the bigger stuff like the appliances, bed and couches can be moved by you with a couple of friends…but you don’t really drive.  At least, you don’t drive a delivery truck in the city.  So you would like to find a driver to deliver your stuff.  That’s the OTHER self service mover, the company.

Doing the self service mover routine you pack up all of your stuff and load it into a portable storage unit.  The self service mover company will drop this off in front of your place or in the parking lot.  It’s strong, safe, weatherproof and only you have the lock.  You have already planned for what day it will be loaded up by and that’s the day you'll move.  You’ve scheduled the self service mover company and they come over, safely pick up the storage unit, put it on a truck and deliver it to your new location.  You unload it and they come back and take it away.  Being a self service mover; it’s easy.