March 29, 2012

But I am Too Cool for Moving Coupons

Moving coupons may seem like an old school outdated tool.  You may picture your grandmother and her friends sitting around cutting coupons from newspapers and magazines on the kitchen table.  But there is no way you are too cool for moving coupons, unless you think saving money isn't cool.

Moving coupons give you a great place to start your search, whether you are searching for full service movers or equipment to rent to do a move yourself.  Facing a long to do list of moving tasks, it can often be overwhelming to know where to start.  Let moving coupons be your incentive to start calling for estimates and jump start your whole process.  They can also be a great bargaining tool.  If you hold moving coupons from one company but really want to hire a competitor, let the company you want to hire know the current deals you have with those coupons.  Most any company will want to earn your business and try to match that price or, at least, give you the best deal they can.  Lastly, moving coupons help you straight up save money once you find the company you wish to hire.  What's not cool about that?  

Where should you look for coupons?  Hop online and do some quick searches on the term "moving coupons" and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.  Coupons are everywhere. You can also look on the homepages of the various companies you're interested in or call them directly to inquire about current deals and discounts.  And you can make your grandmother happy by going old school and looking in the real estate section of your newspaper or in the paperwork you get from the post office when you fill out the forwarding mail forms.