October 29, 2014

PACK RAT Promo Code Can Help Save Money on Your Move

couple with moving boxes 

Moving coupons and discounts are everywhere these days.  If you recently sold your house, you have probably already received several moving coupons from moving companies in the mail.  And if you hop online and do a search for "moving promo code" or  "PACK-RAT promo code," you'll be directed to all sorts of coupon portals.  It doesn't take much time to find deals, especially online. 

However, choosing 1-800-PACK-RAT means not having to rely on a promo code to get a great deal on your move. We stay competitive with our pricing and always help our customers find the lowest available price. If you are moving long-distance, you can save money by being flexible with your move dates or your method of transport.

Your first step is to get a free online quote or call 1-800-722-5728 to speak with one of our move specialists. With 1-800-PACK-RAT you always get great customer service and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee -- no promo code required.

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October 9, 2014

Do You Need Moving Insurance?

Insurance umbrellas 

No matter how careful you are when you are using a self service mover, things can happen.  Your uncle could drop a box as he is helping load things into your portable storage container.  You could stack a heavy box of books on top of a glass lamp you forgot to label "fragile."  Your contents could shift during transport.  Or your neighbor could accidentally bump into your storage container while backing out of his garage.  Things happen when you move, whether you are having a professional moving company handle everything or doing the move yourself with the help of a self service mover.  Protecting your wallet and your belongings in the event that mishaps occur is always a wise decision.

Any reputable self service mover will offer you various moving insurance plans when you inquire about estimates.  Those plans will cover your belongings and the portable storage container during your rental period.  You can choose a plan that covers only damage to the storage container during your rental period, or a more comprehensive insurance plan that also covers damage to your belongings up to a certain amount.  The price of those insurance plans is dependent upon the deductible and plan you choose and is usually purchased on a monthly basis.  Your movers are responsible for damages that occur beyond your control, such as storm damage, vandalism, fire, etc.  Make sure you do not pack or store items that are not allowed to be packed or stored in your moving container (usually included on your rental agreement.) 

In addition to insuring your belongings while they are being stored or transported, contact your current renters or homeowners insurance company to see what might be offered.  Many renters insurance policies cover your belongings while you move.  You can also purchase moving insurance from various companies. 

Moving requires a lot of steps, regardless of whether you hire someone to do it all for you or do it yourself with a self service mover.  Moving insurance is always recommended, because things happen. It will not cost you much to provide an important safety net for your belongings and your wallet. 

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August 4, 2014

Four Tips for Choosing a Realtor

Real estate agent stepping forward


If you have to sell and/or buy a home when moving to a new city, you will most likely work with a real estate agent. But with the abundance of professionals in the real estate business, how do you choose a real estate agent to help you buy or sell one of the biggest investments you have ever made? There are a lot of factors to consider, but we have chosen some of our favorite tips to find a realtor for you.  

  1. Find an agent first: Many times, people will find the house they like and stick with the realtor that is listed, even if they know nothing about them. It's a good idea to find someone you trust before you start looking at homes.
  2. Referrals:  It can be overwhelming when choosing from a sea of real estate agents that all seem perfectly suited to do the job, but choosing blindly from the phone book could lead to problems. Instead, speak to family and friends that have had good experiences with their realtor. Be sure to do an online search for reviews.
  3. Choose a real estate agent with the right experience: Some realtors specialize in certain types of properties. Be sure the one you choose has experience with the type of home or commercial space you are selling. If you are buying a home in a new city, choose an agent with deep knowledge of different areas of town you are interested in.
  4. Choose a realtor that can work on your time: Not all real estate agents have the same schedule. If you only have time to show your home or view potential homes on certain days, confirm that their schedule coincides with yours.



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