February 17, 2014

Portable Storage Units Solving All Your Storage Needs

Moving can be an exciting venture, but it can also be fraught with stress and uncertainty. Will the moving company stick to their timetable? Will all of your belongings arrive undamaged? Will all your belongings fit in the new house? While there's no cure-all for every bit of stress involved with moving, portable storage containers can help you alleviate many common concerns and worries, and give you the peace of mind to deal with the rest of your move.

If you know you'll have things that will need to stay in storage, but you don't know how long that period of time will be, mobile storage containers are the perfect solution. They are stored at a storage facility that you can access nearly any time, much like a self-storage facility, but with a helpful twist: if you need to add things to storage, the units can be delivered right to your home, saving you a trip and making it easier to store larger items.

When you're in the process of moving storage can be a life-saver. Many relocation professionals recommend holding a yard sale to get rid of unwanted items (because why pack it, haul it, and unload it, if you don't actually want it?), but what about the items that don't sell? Moving storage containers allow you to easily store unwanted items for a future garage sale, without cluttering up your new house as you're struggling to get everything through the door.

And what if there's work to be done on the new house? Moving storage containers make ideal on-site storage units during renovations and large-scale repair work. Simply have the unit delivered by the company and move the room's furniture into it while you paint, patch, build, or expand. Otherwise you're stuck trying to shuffle furniture into one room or another, making your living conditions during the renovation less-than-ideal.

Moving storage units are rented by the month, so there's no stringent time restrictions or deadlines to keep, as with rental trucks and moving companies. During that time, the unit can be at the storage facility, at your home, or a combination of both throughout the month. Give one a try during your next move or your next big home project, and see what all the buzz is about.

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January 14, 2014

The Future of Moving

When someone came up with the idea for a rental truck service to help move all your earthly possessions from here to there, it was probably the greatest idea since sliced bread. But let's be honest: it's far from the perfect solution. Rental trucks are hard to drive, the ramps are scary to use, and the lines at the rental place can seem to stretch around the block (since everyone tends to move at the end of the month). Frankly, why anyone would choose to use an antiquated rental truck when there's a thoroughly modern and far more useful solution for packing and moving is a question that's beyond the skill of this author to answer. So I'll just tell you how cool mobile moving containers are instead.

  • Sweet Scheduling Freedom
    One of the biggest hassles on moving day can be thinking you have to do it all in just one day, and truck rental schedules don't make it any easier. Moving containers work on your schedule: you tell the company when you need the container (or containers), they deliver it on that day, and you have as much time as you need to load it. Need a couple days? You got it. Need a couple weeks? No problem. In fact, some companies and home businesses keep a moving container onsite just about all year round, as extra storage. That's how flexible your timeframe can be.

  • On-Site Convenience
    Do you hate backing up a moving truck to just the right spot? Do you dread having to negotiate that narrow metal ramp on your way up into the back of the truck? Do you tremble at the thought of how much it'll cost to fill that cavernous gas tank? With moving containers, you can kiss every single one of those worries good-bye. Professional drivers deliver the unit to your house and place wherever you need it to be. The units are at ground level, so load-in is a snap. And when you're done loading, the moving container company will pick it up and deliver it to wherever you need to go -- the driving is all taken care of.

  • Off-Site Opportunities
    Moving containers can also be used as portable storage containers. You read that right: the container you load to move your things to a new house can be the exact same container you use to store whatever needs storing. After you've unloaded your belongings at your new house, you can leave your storage items inside, and the company will transport the container to a storage facility, saving you that extra trip at the end of what's already a long and sweaty day. Need to get back into the unit? You can visit the facility or have the unit delivered to your house again. Can a rental truck do that?
Maybe someday our children, and our children's children, will wonder how their prehistoric ancestors did things. And maybe by then there will be a special display in the museum of natural history, a display devoted to the old rental truck, perhaps sandwiched between the abacus and Blockbuster Video. And the old folks can tell them seemingly fantastic tales of a time before portable moving containers, when moving from here to there was way harder than it needed to be.

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October 12, 2010

Portable Storage Units Versus Rental Trucks

The two most common methods do it yourself movers turn to are portable storage units and rental trucks.  Portable storage units are provided by a self service moving company.  They are delivered to your door and picked up by the company when you are finished loading your belongings into them.  You are responsible for loading and unloading your portable storage units.  The other common do it yourself method, renting a moving truck, likewise requires that you are responsible for loading and unloading your belongings.  But the similarities end there. 

Portable storage units versus rental trucks:

1.  When you choose portable storage units for your move, no driving is required.  Unlike with a rental truck, you do not have to transport your belongings.  You get to leave the driving to someone else.

2.  You have more time to load and unload your belongings when you rent portable storage units.  You do not have to hurry to get everything done in a weekend or within the short truck rental contract periods.  Your units will be delivered and picked up on dates you schedule. 

3.  You have storage flexibility with portable storage units.  If you need to temporarily store some or all of your belongings between your move out and move in dates, your units will be taken to a storage facility and stored exactly as you packed them.  You do not have to unload everything only to have to load it all up again when you are ready to move in.  And you do not have to rent a truck twice. 

4.  Loading and unloading portable storage units is extremely easy.  They are square and low to the ground.  You do not have to walk up and down a long ramp and do not have to pack around wheel wells and cabin space. 

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